COVID-19 procedures at Cardiff Dogs Home

COVID-19 procedures at Cardiff Dogs Home


If you have any of these symptoms please contact us to cancel your appointment;

A persistent cough, a high temperature or the loss of taste or smell

Dog Walking

Monday 27 July we start dog walking again! We will test the booking system on Monday and it will go live on Tuesday with bookings from Wednesday onwards.

Please book only if you are an experienced walker. We have a very limited number of dogs for inexperienced walkers at the moment so please wait for this message to change before booking.

Dog Walking

We will have an appointment system. You can book through the website but if you haven’t got access to the internet you can phone us. We ask that the majority of bookings are done via the website to keep the numbers of phone calls down to allow us to deal with stray dog and dangerous incidents calls. Walking will start at 8am and appointments will be every 20 minutes to avoid people meeting at reception. You will be able to walk up to 4 dogs on your visit. Please read the COVID-19 page for detailed procedures.

When you have your appointment

On arrival you will come in the door that is open in the reception block if there is anyone in reception you must wait outside. There is a one way system and anyone who is in reception will come out the door marked NO ENTRY and then you can come in. Go straight to the handwashing facility on your left wash your hands for 20 seconds and follow the arrows to the reception window standing behind the tape on the floor. We will then tell you what to do next depending on the nature of your visit. Hand sanitiser is also available.


Walking Inductions

We have a backlog of around 300 people waiting for an induction date. We are not in a position to re-start this at the moment but we are planning to as part of phase 2 of our re-opening plan. Please consult this web page for updates. We won’t take further bookings until we have cleared the backlog. Anyone who has registered for an induction place but no longer wants to be included should email the Dogs Home inbox –

We have been overwhelmed by the offers of help from all our supporters and we look forward to welcoming you all back when it safe.

A huge thank you from all the team and the dogs at Cardiff Dogs Home.

Please keep safe.

There are measures in place to ensure your safety and our staff team’s safety too. Everyone must maintain 2m distance from everyone while at the Dogs Home.

We really value your help all year round.  We look forward to welcoming you back when it is safe.



All the dogs that need homes will be posted on the website on Monday 27 July.

During lockdown we have changed our operations and when we re-open the service will be very different. The kennels will not be open for people to go in and look around. The kennels have been much quieter and more relaxed for the dogs without people walking around looking at them. We have set up a fostering scheme where people have looked after a dog for a few weeks to help us through lockdown. It has been very successful and has resulted in more than 30 dogs finding their forever homes. This is how we want to continue in the future. We will announce our full re-opening on the website and social media. We will be an appointment only service so please don’t turn up without one.


Steps to rehoming

  • Do some research on the breed, age and size to see what dog might best suit your lifestyle.
  • Decide on the dog that you are interested in re-homing.
  • Complete an Application form here and email it with supplementary information to
  • Have an introduction with the dog to see how the dog responds to you and vice versa. Please understand that we deal mostly with stray dogs and the information we can give you will be limited.
  • Introductions to be done with any other pets, adults or children who will live at the home.We will look at your application and if we think you are a good match we will contact you to discuss the application in detail. If we are happy that you are a good match to the dog you have applied for we will invite you to come down to do introductions and if this is successful we will allow you to foster the dog for 2 weeks to be sure that this is going to work for you and the dog! We will have regular contact with you during this period and at the end of it we will re-home the dog to you permanently. If we don’t think you are a good match for the dog you have applied for or that dog has already been matched, we will recommend another dog if we feel we have one that is a good match with you.
  • Our decision making will be based on;
  • The application form
  • The outcome of introductory meetings
  • The outcome of introductions to other pets and children
  • What the needs of the particular dog are and how that matches with your circumstances
  • Vet references (medical history of your current or previous dog)
  • Written permission to have a dog at your property (if in rented property)
  • Home check (if required)
  • The dog’s behavioural assessment – All home checks will be done via video call and photos for the foreseeable future.


The standard re-homing fee is £150 and puppies are £170 with other dogs priced individually between £150 – £300.

This fee includes the first vaccination, micro-chipping, initial flea and worm treatments. The second vaccination will cost £20.

We do not provide re-funds for dogs that are returned but we may allow another dog to be re-homed free of charge depending on the circumstances of the return.



Cardiff Dogs Home does not provide this service on site at the moment. We will explain the process for people who re-home dogs from us before the adoption takes place.


Please do not make a journey to the Dogs Home to drop off donations during the lockdown period. While we appreciate your generosity, this is not an essential journey and we don’t want staff having to handle bags and materials that have been handled by others. We must ensure that all Cardiff Dogs Home staff remain in good health and able to come to work so that the dogs are always looked after.

If you want to donate you can do so on line through our website.
Thanks for your co-operation. At this difficult time.


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