COVID-19 procedures at Cardiff Dogs Home

COVID-19 procedures at Cardiff Dogs Home

Dog Walking

As the situation changes daily we need to further reduce the numbers of walkers coming to the Dogs Home. We only have a very small number of dogs left in the Dogs Home. We have sent a large number out to our emergency team of Foster Carers this week. We may need to use more of the foster care team as the situation develops. We will be contacting registered walkers that live locally and can walk or cycle to the Dogs Home to create a small team to help us to exercise the dogs in complete safety.

We know that some of our regular walkers will be very disappointed at this news but these are very necessary controls to comply with the government’s advice and to save lives.

We have been overwhelmed by the offers of help from all our supporters and we look forward to welcoming you back when it safe.

A huge thank you from all the team and the dogs at Cardiff Sogs Home.

Please keep safe.

There are measures in place to ensure your safety and our staff team’s safety too. Everyone must maintain 2m distance from everyone while at the Dogs Home.

  • When you arrive wait in the yard and we will call you in
  • Only 1 person in reception at any time and must keep 2m apart from others at all times
  • When you come in wash your hands immediately and avoid touching any surfaces
  • Put on the gloves provided
  • The staff will sign the dog out for you – You must know your Registered walking number
  • Stand at least 1m back from the counter (behind the blue chairs) and the staff will stand 1m back on the other side
  • If you can bring your own slip lead please do and put your walker number on it
  • All high visibility jackets and slip leads are being washed daily. We will ensure there is a clean high visibility jacket  and lead for each new walker
  • There are 3 secure points in the yard with karabiners and staff will secure the dog to one of these points for you to take without any need to handover dogs between people. The staff are changing gloves between each dog. When you return you need to secure the dog back to one of these points, inform the staff you are back and they will take the dog in while you wash your hands again after you have removed the high visibility jacket and placed it in the bin provided. The karabiners are being cleaned in between each walker.
  • We are working hard to keep the numbers as low as possible during this crisis so there may not be many dogs to walk. We will only book in those we need.


We really value your help all year round.  W look forward to welcoming you back when it is safe.



From 24th March we have brought our fostering scheme into operation and we are placing as many dogs as possible into foster homes for 3 weeks. We are not taking any applications on line from 26th March. We will open this process again a week before we are able to re-open again.  

We have recruited around 100 foster carers to help us in the event that the kennels fill up as the situation becomes more limited. We don’t need any more foster carers at the moment. If the situation changes we will get this out on social media. Thank you so much we have been completely overwhelmed by the response.


Please do not make a journey to the Dogs Home to drop off donations during the lockdown period. While we appreciate your generosity, this is not an essential journey and we don’t want staff having to handle bags and materials that have been handled by others. We must ensure that all Cardiff Dogs Home staff remain in good health and able to come to work so that the dogs are always looked after.

If you want to donate you can do so on line through our website.

Thanks for your co-operation. At this difficult time.




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