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Become a volunteer

There are a couple of ways you can become a volunteer;

Sign up to be a Dog Walking volunteer, by registering your details and booking on to one of our induction sessions. The inductions take place on Fridays at 2pm and you will need to bring ID and confirmation of your current address with you. The induction takes about 1 hour including your first dog walk!

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  • Apply to work in the kennels and help with cleaning, feeding, exercising, environmental enrichment and bathing dogs. Please complete the application form below and send it to us. You will receive an invitation to attend for a taster/induction session and on completion of this you will be asked to commit to a particular day/time. This enables us to allow as many people as possible to get involved and to ensure that there are safe numbers at the Dogs Home at all times.

    Transporting dogs to vets:

    We are looking for people with dog secure cars to volunteer to help with transporting dogs to veterinary appointments outside the normal vet visits to the home.

    Donation Collection

    Volunteer to supervise and collect donations made to Cardiff Dogs Home that are stationed at your local supermarkets and shops. You would need to monitor our donation box and once full, it will need to be emptied and brought down to the dogs home for the donations made to us flowing nicely.

    To volunteer you must be:

    • over 18
    • able to commit to a specific day/days a week.
    • willing to get involved in the cleaning and organising of the kennels, feeding, exercising and bathing dogs.
    • OR willing to walk dogs at a time that suits you between 8am and 4pm 7 days a week and until 6pm on Thursdays.

      You must be at least 18 years old




      Date of Birth DD/MM/YY

      Contact number

      Email address

      Volunteering Opportunities

      You must be at least 18 years old

      Please indicate the tasks you are interested in undertaking at the dogs home:

      What experience do you have that is relevant to volunteering at the Dogs Home?

      What day/days and times are you available to volunteer at the Dogs Home?

      How did you hear about Cardiff Dog’s Home?

      State briefly your reasons for wanting to volunteer for Cardiff Dogs Home


      If possible one of these should be and employer – current or previous, the other, or both, should be someone who knows you well but not a member of your family or someone with whom you have a close personal relationship.

      Reference 1




      Phone number

      In what capacity do you know him/her?

      Reference 2




      Phone number

      In what capacity do you know him/her?

      Emergency Contact

      Contact name:
      Relationship to you:
      Contact number:

      Cardiff dogs home staff

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