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Re-homing process

You cannot visit our kennels without an appointment.

We will give you an appointment to visit a dog if we match you with one.

You can contact us to discuss any queries you have.

If you are interested in re-homing a dog

There are several steps you can take if you are interested in re-homing a dog:

  1. Research breeds, age, and size to see what dog might best suit your lifestyle.
  2. Decide on the dog that you are interested in re-homing.
  3. Complete an Application form online
    You can also download an application form and post it to us:Cardiff Dogs Home
    West Point Industrial Estate
    Penarth Rd
    CF11 8JQ

If you apply to re-home a dog

We will view your application within 2 to 5 calendar days.

If you are a positive match with the dog you have applied to home, we will contact you to make an appointment where we will introduce you.

If we do not think you are a good match for the dog, or if the dog has already been matched, we will recommend another dog if we feel you are a good match for them.

If you do not hear anything within 7 calendar days, it means you have not been selected to re-home the dog you have applied for. We will still keep your application on file to see if we can match you with another dog.

Re-homing procedure

  • When we match a dog with someone, the dog will appear as reserved on the Dogs available
  • If this match is successful and we find a permanent home for the dog, the dog will appear on the Re-homed dogs
  • If this match is unsuccessful, the dog will reappear on the Dogs available page and we will reconsider all original applications. We cannot contact every applicant due to the number of applications we receive.

If we decide a dog needs a short fostering period at a home before it becomes permanent, this dog will appear on the Fostered dogs page. We only do this for dogs with specific needs.

If we take your application further

We deal mostly with stray dogs. This means we probably will not be able to provide more information about the dog than what is already written on their website listing.

If we think you are a good match, we will contact you to discuss your application more. We will make 2 appointments for you to meet the dog.

For your first appointment, we will invite you to meet the dog, to see how you respond to each other. Your second appointment will be to introduce the dog to any other pets, adults, or children, who will live in the same home. Both appointments will be at the Dogs Home.

If these introductions go well, we will re-home the dog with you permanently.

If needed, we may discuss allowing you a foster period for a set amount of time, to see if this works out permanently.

How we make decisions on matching and re-homing

Our decisions are based on:

  • your application form,
  • the outcome of your first meeting,
  • the outcome of introductions to other pets, adults or children who will live in the same home,
  • the dog’s needs, and how these match with your circumstances,
  • vet references (any medical history of your current or previous dog),
  • whether you have written permission to have a dog at your property (if in rented property),
  • home checks done via video call and photos (or in person, if needed), and
  • the dog’s behavioural assessment.

After we re-home a dog with you

Most dogs will take a few weeks to settle in. Sometimes this can take a couple of months. Rescue dogs especially need time and patience.

If the dog does not settle in after this time, we expect you to contact us for further advice and assistance.

If the dog still does not settle, we will then talk about finding it an alternative home.


Re-homing fees can range from £200 to £550. For puppies, this fee is £280.

The fee includes first and second vaccinations, microchipping and initial flea and worm treatments.

We do not give refunds for dogs that are returned, but you may be able to re-home another dog free of charge. This will depend on why you have returned the dog.


  • All our adult dogs must be neutered before being re-homed.
  • Puppies must be brought back to us to be neutered on an agreed date.
  • These costs are usually covered by our charity, Rescue Hotel.

We will discuss this with you if you are re-homing a dog.

If this service becomes unavailable in future, you will need to pay any neutering fees before the dog is re-homed. In this case, our vet can perform the procedure at a low cost (£210 spay, £110 castration).

Reasons we would not re-home a dog with you

  • We will not re-home a dog to you if you live at a property where you are not allowed to keep pets. If you live in rented accommodation, we ask that your landlord provides us with written permission for the you to keep an animal. If this is already written in your tenancy agreement, that will count as evidence.
  • We will not re-home a dog to you if you have been disqualified under the animal welfare act.
  • We will not re-home a dog to you if you may be moving abroad, to a country that is not covered by the Pet Travel Scheme.
  • We will not re-home a dog to you if you are about to go through a significant life change or disruption. For example, moving house, having a baby, or going on holiday.



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